Will the Philippines Prosper After the Election?

Will the Philippines prosper after the election?


The election in the Philippines is fast approaching. In May, a new administration will take over the Arroyo regime. The aspiring candidates for every possible position are beginning to bombarde us with infomertial after infomertial. Villar with his “Nakaligo Ka Na Ba?”, Aquino’s “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”, Teodoro’s “Lilipad Tayo”,Villanueva’s “Eddie Ako”, to Gordon’s “Transformers, the political advertisements are flooding all forms of media. Internet, TV, radio, print, even text. Nothing is safe from political campaigning.

They promise us that they will make the country better. Remove poverty. Create jobs. Abolish corruption. The same promises given EVERY SINGLE ELECTION SINCE THE MARCOS ERA.


No, the Philippines will not prosper. Villar will not give me a house. Villanueva will not give me “new change”. Enrile will not make me happy. Teodoro will not make me fly. Gordon will not transform this country. Aquino will probably do nothing. Nothing will happen.

Look at what happened to the United States of America. Barrack Obama is a great speaker. He was the symbol of hope, the poster child for change. He broke the pattern of white men in the Oval Office. He won against John McCain.

What happened now?


No health care reform. His first hundred days felt like a weekend. Sure, he gave everyone hope, but he left us all hanging.  Nothing happened. A recession rolled in to Ammerica. Sure, they recovered, but not too well. The wound is still fresh. No band aid can cover it up.

Same thing in the Philippines.


The surveys say that Villar is leading two points ahead of Aquino. So what? Back then, he was complainig that the surveys were rigged. He was cheated, he says. Now what? He’s leading. Is he still saying that he’s cheated? No. Is Aquino complaining? No. Do I care? No.

Surveys do not guarantee an electoral win. Sure, it’s possible back in the days of clean elections and clean politics, but today, it’s impossible. Fernando Poe Jr. won the surveys in Mindanao, but he lost in the election? How? He was cheated. Why? Arroyo got greedy.

Sure, Villar is leading the surveys now, but the tides might change. If Aquino rises in the survey, the other candidates will scream “FOUL!”.

If  Villar wins, he’d probably steal the money he used for advertising.

If Aquino wins, he’d probably do nothing.

If Teodoro wins, he’d probably turn into another Marcos.

If Gordon wins, we’d all be in Hell.

If  Villanueva wins, we’d all be screwed.


I say we all go get another candidate. Someone we would never expect, but is the right man for the job. Someone who will not be corrupt. Someone who will not be swayed by the machinations of the evil empire of greed. Someone who will truly fight for justice ad truth in this once great country.

We need a hero.






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