Back to Business

My days as a blogger has returned. I think. I hope.

Due to some glitch, I can use my mobile phone to access the internet for free (I’m on prepaid, and I currently have zero credits). I just hope the glitch never gets fixed.

If you remember, I have another blog, and that one contains the first few parts of the story Collide-o-scope Eyes. Maybe now, I can end the story. Every story needs an ending. A good ending, if not a great ending. I hate stories that don’t end properly. Sure, some stories are open ended, and those are fine by me, but there are stories that have useless endings. Endings that should have happened ages ago. The climax already went down, and they just stretched the damned exposition to milk it.
Sorry if I went on rambling. My train of thought went off the tracks.

That must be it. Keep updated. Check the twitter account.

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