Lefty or Righty? ambidextrous. My right hand is a bit more dominant though.
Coca-cola or Pepsi? Coke all the way.
PC or Mac? The Mac is awesome, but the PC is widely used. I go with the PC, simply because of its availability.
Democrat or Republican fuck politics.
Leno or Letterman? O’ Brien.
Heads or Tails? just give me the damn coin.
Vampires or Werewolves I’d rather be Batman.
Superman or Batman? are you paying attention?
Marvel or DC? Mainly DC, but I don’t discriminate Marvel. Or Dark Horse. Or Tokyopop. Or Slave Labor. Hell, if it’s a comic book, I’ll read it. But that doesn’t assure me liking it.
Red wine or White wine? if it tastes good, give it to me.
Beatles or Rolling Stones Beatles. But I still get no satisfaction.
SUV or compact cars? Compact cars. But it better have plenty of leg room.
Comics or manga? trick question. Comics. Manga is still comics.
Chivalry or Bushido? bushido.

Comment if you have suggestions. Or twitter, with a #tgwpreferences hashtag.

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