Approximately 19:15 GMT +8, April 21, 2010

Decided to go home after doing the usual nerdy stuff with the guys at Japhet’s house. Video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, and “character x” versus “character y” debates can get old at times.

Checked my wallet if I still had fare money. Shit. Nothing.
One solution: walk home.

Began walking home. Good thing Japhet’s house was not so far from home. Streets not too busy. Vehicles passed by lazily. People were a rare sight. Shops were still open, but not all of them. Sure, this is a city, but this city sleeps. And bed time was early.

I walked past the old high school. Good old alma mater. One look at it and I remembered everything. I would’ve stopped, but I was hungry, and I want to go home. I kept walking.

Saw a hobo walking ahead of me. He was at least ten paces away from me. I kept walking. Noticed that the rarity that is the other people on the street were looking at him. What was it? I could only see his back. I was ten paces behind him after all.
What was it that these people were looking at? Was it anything of interest? I heard there was this hobo that walked with his penis exposed. Was this man him? He was barefoot. He was wearing cutoffs that were knee length. He was dirty. He kept on walking. I kept on walking.

I was about to take a turn at a corner. Turns out he was also headed there. I kept walking. People were still looking at him. What was it anyway? We both reached the end of the fly over we were walking. Children saw him. Three little girls. We kept on walking, I maintaining my ten paces from him. The three girls followed him. One of them took a stone from the road. She tried to throw it at him. I called her attention. She missed. She kept on walking. He kept on walking. I kept on walking.

People were almost nonexistent. Vehicles were rare. I crossed the road. I was now on the pedestrian lane parallel to the barefoot hobo. The side I was walking on was dark. The side he was walking on was lit. Mine had a long wall, filled with the faces of sons of bitches running for office. His had houses, yet had tall walls, blocking out anything from the outside. Thieves. Bad weather. The likes of him. He kept on walking. I kept on walking.

I began to notice he was almost going the same way I was going. Instead of taking the shortcut, I decided to keep on walking on the lane parallel to his. We kept on walking. I thought to myself, I, of average status, and he, of the lower rung. What was he thinking about? How does he feel? I know he too is human, but why do others see him as something else? Why do people stare at him? What has he done to deserve their mockery? Why did that little girl try to hit him with a stone? Why did I keep on walking?

The next turn left was the last turn to the shortcut. I turned left. He kept on walking to where he was going.
I lost sight of him now. I kept on walking. People were growing frequent now. The scent of food made me hungrier. I quickened my pace. Almost there. I kept thinking about the barefoot hobo. Where was he going? What was he going to eat for dinner? Who was he? I kept on walking.
A turn to the right and I’m five blocks nearer home. On the street ahead, there seems to be a fight. I didn’t mind it. I kept on walking.

I couldn’t remember what I was thinking of on the last five blocks home. Fast forward, home. Dinner.

2 Responses to “Approximately 19:15 GMT +8, April 21, 2010”

  1. ..thank´s ……now this guy is in my head too

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