Road Trip Playlist

For a lack of better things to do, here’s a list that I think would be perfect for anything that involves a vehicle and the road.

(This list is in no particular order. Think of it as Shuffle mode.)

1. Highway Star by Deep Purple
It’s a fast paced song with a bitchin’ guitar and organ solo. And some people believe this song might be the first thrash metal song [citation needed]. Anyway, just don’t get caught up with the speed, or your trip might end up in the…

2. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
You see what I did there? The transition? Yeah, moving on.
This song is CLASSIC. Not a lot of explanation needed here.

3. Where Ever I May Roam by Metallica
This is one of Metallica’s slower songs. Great for drives at night, when you’re all alone, not knowing where to go. If you want a faster pace, the remix of this song featured in The Blackest Album: An Industrial Tribute is just right for you.

4. Drive by The Cars
Again, another slow song. So, you broke up with your special someone, or had some bad day. Now what? Who’s gonna drive you home?

5. Day Tripper by The Beatles
Catchy song, and kinda hides some sort of drug reference. Just don’t drive while on drugs.

6. Country Roads by John Denver
If you noticed that the list went slower and slower, my apologies. They’re just songs that are off the top of my head that have something to do with travelling by road.
This is a good homecoming song, especially if you live in West Virginia.

More songs will be added sooner or later. Just post your suggestions with your comments.

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