Remember that comic I promised to post here? I’m having trouble with it. Can’t decide which to post. I have several ideas, and still can’t choose which one to turn into reality. What I need you folks to do is decide for me. Here are the ideas:

Idea 1. A stick figure comic strip quite similar to xkcd, but does not involve math jokes.

Idea 2. A superhero parody.

Idea 3. Detective noir, based on my story Collide-o-scope Eyes.

Idea 4. Anything you readers want.

Just post which idea you want and why on the comments. Or twitter me @The_Ghostwriter. Your reactions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Concepts”

  1. idea 4…. why no do a Victorian goth style(the psychopathic and murder with solving riddle stuff ,in short mister comics)…i think your art style is suited for that….in my own judgment… your kinda like the mysterious.creepy.vitriolic type of artist….plus I’m obsessed with Victorian goths…

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