A Partial List of Writers That Has Influenced Me, One Way or Another

This listEGF’S.CH is in no order of influence what-so-ever. They do appear in the order that pop out of my head. Also remember that by “influence”, I mean both positive and negative.

Ray Bradbury – Rekindled my childlike wonder, especially on how I view the world.
Hunter S. Thompson – The truth hurts, and this man used the truth as a very efficient weapon. Total gonzo.
J.D. Salinger– Four words: Catcher in the Rye.
Franz Kafka– This man made a world of fucked up.
Edgar Allen Poe– I feel this man’s pain.
Neil Gaiman– The real world ceases to exist whenever I read his works.
Larry Niven– Man of Steel, Women of Kleenex and Niven’s Laws never fail to humour and fascinate me.
Jhonen Vasquez– Again, another fucked up mind, spilling his brain shit all over, and I, the reader, loving it.
Bob Kane– Thanks for Batman.
John Lennon, Paul McCarthney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr– the Four Men from Liverpool. Bless them all.
Manix Abrera– Kiko Machine. ASTEEG.
Julius Villanueva– I still believe, even though he probably doesn’t know me, wrote his daily comic strip based on my life.
Bob Ong– fake name, true persona. Everyone’s an idiot, and you made it a point so that everyone will realize it.
Alan Moore– For writing at least 50 pages of script for a single quarter page comic book panel, a feat I could never do.
Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer– For destroying the image of the vampire forever.
Harold Renz Case– arsehole.
Dr. Seuss– for books intended for children that can be enjoyed by adults and everyone in between.
Whoever wrote the Bible– for creating really nice stories. Kudos on Revelation.
Stan Lee– for creating characters that follow the laws of fuckwit science. Radioactivity for all!

Currently, that’s it. Maybe more next time.

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