Goth Gangsta

I’m sick of idiots posting shitty “goth poetry” all over the internet. It’s an insult to true poets.

I think it’s time for a GOTH GANGSTA RAP instead!

Don’t dare mess with the goth poet
A cap in thine ass, I’ll shove it.
I am the Gothfather, kiss my skull ring
I’ll give you an offer that’s very convincing.
Don’t even think of dissin’ of me
You’ll probably die in infamy,
With a raven’s beak straight up your fanny.

Wait a minute, I keep talking about shoving shit up your ass,
I’ll do it nice and slow, Hell, I still got class.
Yeah, you’re now in the dark side,
Better than the flip side,
C’mon ho, get a ride.
If you bitches love me, gimme your blood
And I’ll make sure I’ll drink it up good.
NAW! I ain’t playin’
I like the taste of blood, that’s what I’m sayin’.

Let’s get back to the topic,
It’s getting problematic.
You look like catshit in grandma’s attic.
Wait, what? You call that a crow face?
Get outta here, you’re a disgrace.


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