Let’s Talk About Sex (Education and the Reproductive Health Bill)

Sex. Simply say the word and you’ll have anyone talking. Sex is everywhere. Sex on TV. Sex in literature. Sex in music. Sex on film. Sex in the bedroom. Sex in public places. Sex. Sex. SEX! Let’s talk about sex.

The Philippines is, unfortunately, a conservative Catholic country. Sure, we’re democratic(?), and modern(?) but we still shy away from talking about sex. That’s where sex education comes in. Sex Ed aims to educate Filipino learners about the birds and bees, penises and vaginas, and pregnancy and STD’s. A rather novel idea, yes? This way, we won’t have horny and confused teenagers. Instead, we will have horny and informed teenagers. A good trade off, if you ask me.

So, what now? Where’s the horny and informed teenagers? Nowhere. Why? BECAUSE THE CHURCH KEEPS MEDDLING WITH THE AFFAIRS OF THE STATE! Conservative idiots keep on protesting and questioning the notion of Sex Ed. Stop questioning it, you idiots! It’s supposed to be a good thing! Why? Because the parents of this country, being so damned conservative, won’t teach their own children about sex. They just leave the children ignorant of the ways of sex, and when the time comes for them to cum, they know nothing! That’s where Sex Ed comes in. It will fill in for the inadequate parents. It’ll, hopefully, stop the rise in unwanted pregnancies, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and the stupid idea of calling body parts as birdie and flower. CALL THE PENIS A PENIS! THE VAGINA HAS A PROPER NAME! CALL IT THAT WAY! How would you feel if someone called you a name that isn’t yours? Not so good, right? Think how the penis and the vagina feels. VIVA LA VULVA!

Another thing that concerns me: the Reproductive Health bill. Who gives a shit if the Pope won’t allow contraceptives? The population’s booming. Poverty’s rampant. STD’s are everywhere. That’s why we have people still afraid of contraceptives. They say they will die and go to Hell when they use these baby stoppers. The Church promotes ignorance! We NEED this bill. The population needs control. We’ve got too many babies to educate and feed. Nothing’s in this world’s for free. If you argue that we get more manpower, okey, we’ve got more manpower. Here’s my question: where’s the jobs for the manpower?

Back to topic. Sex Ed. This is actually unnecessary if, only IF, parents did their jobs in the first place. Same thing with Religious Studies. This subject’s unnecessary if, and only IF, the Churches did their jobs in the first place. We need proper values and morals, sure, but values are better caught than taught. Hell, we won’t need Sex Ed if we all caught the right values in the first place. We won’t need Truth Commissions. We won’t need Banned Wang-Wangs. We won’t need no sex education.

One Response to “Let’s Talk About Sex (Education and the Reproductive Health Bill)”

  1. so that’s what it’s about…yes,i do agree…

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