August 23, 2010 Quirino Grandstand

Rolando Mendoza is not the villain of the story.

It all started when his subordinate officers were caught extorting almost P20,000 from a chef in 2008. Since he’s their commanding officer, and he was also accused of the extortion, he too got fired. He broke down into depression. He was a highly decorated policeman. He was stripped of his badge, his benefits, and his pension. He was banned from working for any governmental position. He wanted his job back.

In the morning of August 28, 2010, he hijacked a tourist bus full of visitors from Hong Kong. He released the children and the elderly, and demanded to have his job back. He makes less than P19,000, and he still wants his job back. His brother, also a policeman, shows up to calm him down and negotiate.

All was about to go down well. Then, the police saw his brother talking on a cellphone. Turns out, he’s calling him without the police’s knowledge. The arrest him for being an accessory to the crime on live national television. The bus that Mendoza hijacked had a television. Several gunshots followed.

That’s when everything went to shit. No movement from inside the bus was visible. The driver, handcuffed to the steering wheel, moved the bus slightly, even though the tires have been shot. More gunshots. The driver escapes. He runs to safety like a bat out of Hell, screaming only one thing: “EVERYONE’S DEAD! EVERYONE’S DEAD!”.

The driver’s statement was too damn ambiguous. What does he mean by “everyone”? The hostages? The hostages AND Mendoza? The assault team started to move in. Nothing. They break the windows. Nothing. One of them attempts to enter. Gunshots. Mendoza was still alive. It was his last stand.

They tried to enter the bus, and failed every attempt. Mendoza knows what he’s doing. He’s a cop, not some petty hostage taker. He knows what the cops are doing. He knows what he’s doing. A few minutes later, the assault team finally opened the emergency door. Nothing. They try to enter. Gunshots. One cop injured. Bullets are exchanged. They tie up the main door of the bus to to a patrol car to pull it open. Nothing happened. Mendoza empties an M-16’s magazine. No one was shot. What appears to be a dead body is lying behind the door. It’s a tourist.

They start throwing tear gas inside the bus. Yellow smoke exit the broken windows. Gunshots. At least one innocent bystander was shot. Smoke clears. All is quiet. Police start moving closer. Scene clear. People start coming out of the bus. Only two died out of the estimated 17 remaining hostages. Mendoza was dead.

Mendoza isn’t the villain of this story. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wanted his low paying job back.

10 Responses to “August 23, 2010 Quirino Grandstand”

  1. Nice write up. Incompetence from our police force.

  2. akikaki23 Says:

    I agree. Not that I’m siding with Mendoza but I think he didn’t really mean to hurt the tourists. He’s just too desperate and resorted to hostage taking just so the media could hear his plea.

    He’s not the villain. He just wanted to get his benefits and possibly his job which I think he really loved, judging by the awards and medals he got.

    RIP Capt. Mendoza

  3. i dont think its a good thing to get his what you call “low paying job” in expense of innocent people’s lives isn’t it?

    • As I’ve implied above, none of this would’ve happened if greed (specifically, his subordinate’s greed) didn’t get in the way of his job.

      Eliminate uncontrollale greed (greed is natural, but wanton excess of it is evil), and we eliminate good cops gone bad.

  4. dora lakwatsera Says:

    In the morning of August 28, 2010, he hijacked a tourist bus full of visitors from Hong Kong. -’twas only August 23, 2010 today

    God bless 😀

  5. Made a mistake. Should have written “August 23” instead of “August 28”

  6. good point…for me,there should be a media blackout.because the hostage taker has a radio and TV inside the bus. he can see what the police were doing outside.

    • The purpose of media is to deliver the truth to the people. A media blackout would only deny the people the truth.

      The police were already aware that Mendoza had access to TV and radio inside the bus. This is where the police fucked up: Mendoza got angry when he saw his own brother being forced into a police car. The police shouldn’t have done that ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. They should have resolved the hostage taking first before arresting anyone else.

  7. true. it isn’t mendoza’s fault after all. the policemen should be trained over and over again.

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