That’s How the Cookie Crumbles (part 6)

Note: this is part of a short series. Read previous entries for (obviously) previous parts.

That’s one huge piece of cloth. Must be at least six football fields. All that thread, just to cover a Statue for a few hours. The Mayor’s giving the signal now. Four helicopters pulled off the cloth. The sky darkned for a few minutes. How I wish it stayed there, covering the filth of the City. Then, the cloth disappeared. There it was, the Statue, in all it’s awe inspiring bullshit glory.

Cameras flashed in unison. Click. Click. Click. Damn it. My camera would’ve been perfect by now. I’m in the right spot for a really nice angle. Not much glare, no obstructions. I wonder who’s the model for this one? It looks too perfect. Might as well be a goddess. Wouldn’t it be cool if it moved like an animatronic robot?

I checked my watch. Thank gum I still had my wristwatch. Almost lunch. I’m hungry. Wonder where I should go? Maybe home. Or I should just kill myself. I’m hungry. I’m going home.

to be continued

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