That’s How the Cookie Crumbles (part 9)

Note: just keep on reading.

Where the fuck am I?
“Look! He’s waking up.” I think I’ve heard that voice before. I can’t see who it was. Everything’s blurry.
“Call the doctor, or the nurse, or whatever. Call anyone in a white coat!” I swear to chicken, I’ve heard that voice before.
“Are you okey, kiddo?” The voice was directed at me.
I tried my best to talk. “I… I think so. What the Hell happened?”
“My, uh, my driver hit you with the car. Sorry about that.”
My vision cleared. Holy shit! It was the Mayor, as I live and breathe.
“No need to swear, kiddo.”
Did I say ‘holy shit’ out loud? Fuck.
“So, uhm, can we keep this thing hush-hush? No media, okey? You know, might make me look bad.”
Wait, I’m media. No, alright, I see what he means. “Yeah sure. As long as you pay for my bills.”
“Alright kid. We’ve got ourselves a deal.” He took my left hand and shook it. Shit. My right hand’s in a cast.
His body guard opened the door for him. “Good evening to you.” He left.

The nurse came in. Food. Just what I needed.

to be continued

One Response to “That’s How the Cookie Crumbles (part 9)”

  1. Correction: it’s his right arm in a cast, not his right hand.

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