Let Us Play

“You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation.” – Plato

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a complex card game. Sure, it looks appealing to children, but try teaching the rules to a child. Trust me, it’ll be a long and hard process, filled with sweat, blood, tears, and cards. It looks nothing like what they do in the anime.

Deck building is one of the hardest parts of the game. As a beginner, a bought structure deck or a deck built by a friend might work, but did you learn anything from it? No. All you did was use cards given to you. You know how it works, you know how the cards cycle, but you’re not thinking outside the box. You’re using someone else’s idea, not your own. In this game, originality is an excellent way to break the monoteny of the metagame. Anyone can play the strongest deck in the game, but remember that the strongest deck in the game came from an original idea.
The game requires mid-level to high-level thinking skills. It requires very little luck. You can’t just place random cards in a 40 card deck and expect to win. You need planning. You need to set goals, just like in real life. You need to assess what you need and want, put your goals into action.

The game is an excellent way to start friendships. I met most of my closest friends because I dueled with them at tournaments. Sportsmanship and respect are important in this game. Mouthing off at sanctioned tournaments are penalized with disqualification. This is a gentleman’s game. Save the trash talk for something else.

The game entertains as it educates. You catch important life lessons along the way. I won’t tell you those life lessons just yet. Play the game yourself.

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