How to Cure Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a terrible thing. As my friend@duct_tape_ would say, “I don’t fucking wish it on my worst enemy… well maybe one, but anyway”. I, like many writers, have experienced this plague, and I have found ways to avoid or weaken it, if not, cure it. They do not work all of the time, or for everyone, but they do work.

Relax Stress can wear anyone out. Stress can also suppress ideas. Relax for a while. Get a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer. Take a nap. Masturbate. Do what you usually do to relax. Be it violent* or tranquil, do it.
*a hit to the face with a punching bag is very relaxing.

Get out of the house You’ll get very little ideas when you do nothing but watch television or surf the internet. Get out of the house. Take a long walk. Drive for a few hours. Observe people or events. Punch an old lady. Get into a fist fight. Trust me, ideas will be flowing in no time.

Listen to some music I recommend instrumental songs, especially in the genres of techno, classical, industrial, metal, psychedelic or jazz. Songs with lyrics tend to distract you from an idea you want to express with an idea the song wants to express.

Get some news Read the paper. Watch the evening news. Read the funny pages. Watch the late shows. This won’t help much, but at least your mind would go numb.

So far, that’s all I’ve got. Writer’s block is a bitch.

Post more ideas at the comments.

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