Why The Philippines Needs 12 Years of Basic Education

I support 12 years of basic education here in the Philippines. Why? Because the average Filipino graduates from High School at the age of 16. Do you know what 16 is? UNDERAGE. You can’t get a job. You’re brain and body aren’t ready. You’re not mature enough. You can’t even legally vote. If you can’t afford college, and/or have no intention of going to college, it means two things: work illegally as a child labourer or wait two or more years without a job.

Another is it eliminates subjects in Tertiary that SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT DURING THE BASIC EDUCATION YEARS. Classes in basic English and Math should be eliminated. Tertiary should prepare you for a career, damn it.

Lastly, it makes sure that the Filipino learner is ready for the real world. The current system is to teach “a little of this, a little of that”. That’s bullshit. Utter bullshit. We need more than this and that. WE NEED EVERYTHING WE NEED TO LEARN.

2 Responses to “Why The Philippines Needs 12 Years of Basic Education”

  1. Education for the school or college does not intend to go, then they go on private jobs, and jobs with the – with the education should also.

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