How To Have Morpheus’ Eyes

Dream of the Endless, or Morpheus, or the Sandman, from the Sandman graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman is a very interesting character to cosplay. He has several costumes to choose from, ranging from “easy to make”, to “damn it, I need training to make this”. The one thing that most cosplayers find difficult with his overall appearance are his eyes. Instead of eye white, he has dark matter, and instead of pupils, he has stars. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this effect.

1. Gather the following materials:
*kohl eyeliner
*small battery powered lightbulbs
*seeing eye dog

2. Draw around eyes with kohl liner. Use graphic novel for reference, or simply look at pictures of Robert Smith, and copy his eye make up.

3. Grab spoon. Scoop out eyeballs from eye sockets. Be careful not to ruin make up with blood splatter and not to startle dog with screaming. Best done if drunk, to numb pain. Donate eyeballs to hospitals.

4. Insert one small battery powered lightbulb into each emptied eye socket. These will serve as the “distant stars”.

5. Bring seeing eye dog along if you wish to go about town in your costume. Name the dog “Barnabas”.

Happy cosplaying!

2 Responses to “How To Have Morpheus’ Eyes”

  1. iehhhhhh creepy :-))))))

    i especially like the social aspect ….. to donate the eyeballs 🙂

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