Free or Fired

I’ve been watching WWE RAW: Old School, and there’s a huge event called Free or Fired coming up on Survivor Series. You see, John Cena (a face wrestler) had to join NEXUS, a group of heels. Now, the leader of NEXUS, Wade Barret, wants to win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. Here’s the twist: John Cena is the referee. If Barret wins, he is free from NEXUS. If he loses, Cena is fired from the WWE. This is what I predict will happen:

Wade Barrett wins the match, but not the championship. How? Through disqualification or count out. In the WWE, if you win via disqualification or count out in a championship match, you don’t get the belt. Catch my drift? Their agreement never said that Barrett has to get the belt. All they agreed on was that he should win so Cena can get out of NEXUS. What Cena needs to do now is to find a way to disqualify or count out Randy Orton.

WWE, how damn predictable.

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