Wi-fi Fail

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg as an online facebook (a facebook is a book with pictures of every student and some information about them in a university or college, hence the name) for Harvard University students. It spread to other tertiary institutions, then to high schools, then to businesses, then to everyone. In short, Facebook was made with academics in mind. In a way, it was made to make interactions with your fellow students a tad bit easier. Now, it makes interactions with everyone easier (and in a way, more awkward).
Here’s the problem: my university blocked access to Facebook on the wi-fi, along with Twitter, and Myspace, and every website with a log-in.

I can understand why they would do that in the library computers (the library was made for research and recreational reading. Social networking can be quite distracting.), but in the university wi-fi? That’s just plain bullshit. They reason out that it’s so that we students won’t get distracted from our studies. Fuck them.

First, the only places where the wi-fi is available are the lounges and the library’s first floor. The lounges are not designed to accomodate studying. They’re too noisy and too crowded. If you want quiet, go to the library. Here’s the irony: the library wi-fi didn’t block out social networks.
Second, student life should not be focused on studies. We need to relax too. Social networking can be quite therapeutic for some people. School is a social experience. In this day and age, if you rob us of our social networks, then you rob us of our right to interact with other people.
Third, students are using private laptops when accessing the wi-fi. Did we acquire said laptops from the university? Hell no. The university has no right to control our use of the internet. THIS IS NOT CHINA.
Last, it’s a waste of our internet fee. We pay PHP 264.60 every semester for 16 hours of internet use the computer laboratory. The access there is too slow, and the computers are prone to viruses and bugs. Not all students use up all 16 hours. Wa

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