My first ever Magic the Gathering deck: Red and Blue

I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, and a friend of mine introduced me to Magic: the Gathering. I’m quite aware of the game, but this is the first time I’ve played it in real life (I’ve played the video games before). This friend of mine helped me construct my first deck from some of his spares, and it’s focused on Red and Blue. I’ve tested it on some of his other decks (Multi-coloured base green, Red Blue, and Green White), and it fared fairly well. Won a few games, and lost a few as I’m still trying to catch up with the rules.

I’m posting the deck list here for you wonderful folks to criticize. Tell me what you think, but be constructive.

Mountains x8
Islands x12

Dancing Scimitar x1
Telim’Tor’s Darts x1

Thornwind Faeries x2
Air Elemental x2
Rootwater Hunter x3
Prodigal Sorcerer x2
Suq’Ata Firewalker x1
Breezekeeper x2

Treasure Trove x1
Enchant Creature
Binding Grasp x1

Sift Through Sands x1
Remove Soul x2

Power Sink x2
Mana Leak x1
Memory Lapse x2

Battle-Mad Ronin x1
Frostwielder x1
Fireslinger x3
Orcish Artillery x1
Anaba Shaman x2
Wall of Fire x1
Wall of Stone x1

Enchant Creatures
Fire Whip x3

Sonic Burst x1
Crushing Pain x1

Blaze x1

TOTAL: 60 cards

2 Responses to “My first ever Magic the Gathering deck: Red and Blue”

  1. A good way to get into the actual game and test decks out(so you know if you wanna actually buy the cards) is to try octgn. šŸ™‚

    I actually got into magic before yugioh, as a ten year old, then got into yugioh fell out of MTG. now im back to the good ole classic. It’s been around for years, so don’t hesitate to drop money on it! It’s not going out of style anytime soon, and if you go to a card shop you can get old commons for really cheap(at my local shop, its ten cents a pop). while you can’t play with old cards in standard tourneys(unless they’ve been reprinted) its still super fun to play with friends! šŸ˜€

    haha, i lost my manufacturing job Friday and i treated myself to like 10$ worth of commons to deck build and take my mind off shizz till i land another job. No more fancy new cards till i get another job xD

    • Yeah, I’m more focused on casual play right now. I’m more into Yu-Gi-Oh! when it comes to tournament play. Will try octgn.

      Good luck with the job hunt.

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