Mail and Other Things

Note: This is for students of NDU. If you’re not one, close your eyes while reading.

I want to recieve physical mail once in a while. I miss the good old days when letters were actually made with pen and paper. No one does that anymore, for good reason (e-mail is to blame. Ha). For one, it’s environmentally friendly. No paper is used e-mail, and less energy is required to send it. Another is it’s convenient and fast. No need to wait days, weeks, or months just for a reply. No need to bother with handwriting too (though font choices can make or break an e-mail. Here’s looking at you, Comic Sans). So far, only official documents and packages are sent via snail mail these days, which brings me to my next point.

Examine your assessment form. Look for “REGISTRAR MAILING FEE”. Found it? Good. Do you know what it’s for? It’s for sending your gradeslip home. It’s there so that your parents/guardian can be in the know on how you perform academically. Nice, ain’t it? Here’s the strange part: not once have my parents ever recieved my gradeslip through the mail. My other classmates say they’ve recieved theirs, but only once or twice. I’m not necessarily complaining (you know what I mean), but I think it’s a waste of good money. PhP 12.88? That’s good enough for a 12oz bottle of Coke (or Pepsi, if you prefer). I can go from College to ND Village back and forth if I used that money for jeep fare. If I count every semester that I’ve been here (3 years, that means 6 semesters and 2 summers, which brings up a total of 8), I’d have PhP103.04. What I’m saying is, please, give me what my money’s worth. Send my gradeslips home. If not, take that fee off my bill. I want a refund. I could’ve spent that money someplace else. Maybe a secondhand book. Or some comic books. Maybe.

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