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COTABATO CITY, Philippines, May 1 –
Citizens of Cotabato City joyously celebrated two holidays: Labor Day and The Feast of Saint Isidore.

Saint Isidore is considered by Catholic Christians as the patron of laborers, and his feast day is on the first Sunday of May. This year, his feast day falls on the same date as Labor Day. Many households celebrated with roasted pig, litson, thin noodles, pancit, and alcoholic drinks.

Notre Dame Village and Poblacion 2 are the two known areas in the city that celebrate his feast.

Notre Dame University students enrolled for Summer are to have their midterm exam this coming May 7, 2011.

The scheduled to be followed will be the same as their corresponding class schedules, unlike the scheduling during regular semesters. There is no first trinal exam due to the shorter period of time used for Summer classes.

Students who take up Summer classes either have to take them due to curriculum requirements, failures during the regular semesters, or for extra credits.

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