Black and Blue

This is another attempt at Magic: the Gathering deck building. Focused on Black hand control and Blue spell control.

Tidehollow Strix x2
Gravedigger x2
Gempalm Polluter x2
Thornwind Faeries x2
Rootwater Hunter x3

Dark Ritual x4
Memory Lapse x2
Mana Leak x1
Power Sink x2
Faerie Trickery x4
Boomerang x2
Remove Soul x2
Dark Banishing x2

Befoul x1
Ashen Powder x1
Walking Nightmare x1
Voices from the Void x1
Coercion x3
Memory Sluice x1
Ghastly Discovery x1

Binding Grasp x1

Swamps x10
Islands x10

Early game, I keep on countering as much as possible with Instants. Then, I mess with any hand cards with Sorceries. The rest are creature control. Planning on adding Lobotomy, but don’t know what to take out. Comments?

3 Responses to “Black and Blue”

  1. I’m guessing this is a very casual deck and a limited collection. Dark Ritual is a sweet card but it doesn’t do much for this deck. When using a card like Dark Ritual you are trading off a valuable resource (cards) for a small mana increase but you re not using that increase for a dramatic effect. I’d suggest removing the Dark Ritual for either a creature kill spell or more disruption.

    • You are so right on your guess. I am new to MTG, and most of the cards I have are a mixed bag of old and new.

      If I remove the Dark Rituals, what do you have in mind that can replace them? Thanks.

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