Reflection Paper for Philosophy Class

This has been a rather interesting Summer for me.
All my subjects seem to jive together, ringing to the same rhythm, accenting every harmony and making wonderful music. First period, Campus Journalism. Second period, Editing and Translating. Final period, Philosophy of Man.
Let me elaborate. In Campus Journalism, the main goal of the subject is to make socially aware teachers-to-be out of us (preparing us to be advisers for high school papers is another one). We’ll be teachers in the future (hopefully), and we need to have our eyes and ears open, with our noses sniffing out the news. This is a vital skill that needs to be passed on to our students, seeing as they’ll be contributing members of society. In Editing and Translating, we are taught to choose our words carefully, how to right errors and mistakes, and how to make things easier to understand. Again, another vital skill in teaching, as well as in living (also, this subject supplements our Journalism class).
Then comes Philosophy. One of my favourite classes so far (the others were Logic and Literature, but that’s not the point). I’ve already been aware of some of the notions of Philosophy, especially from most of my Education classes (Values Education, Social Dimensions, Principles of Teaching, et cetera), and this class nourished it with the specifics. In a way, it helped me broaden my island of knowledge. In effect, it also widened my shoreline of wonder. All I need to do now is learn how to swim (or build a boat).
To be continued

One Response to “Reflection Paper for Philosophy Class”

  1. I was raised a skeptic, encouraged to ask questions, especially when no one wanted to ask. It led me to some trouble several times (with closed-minded people, but I won’t name names), but I don’t mind. I know deep inside that asking the question only leads to looking for the answer, and some people don’t want to look. I want to look, and I find delight in that. The thrill is in the hunt, as they say.
    As a student journalist, I try my best to be neutral. To be the medium is a hard job. No emotions. No biases. No preferences. Present the facts, as is. Maybe that’s why I’m not that keen on news writing. Then again, I’ve become so used to being stoic, that I’ve remained stoic. I still laugh, and I still feel, but only when necessary. That is, if something really is funny, I will laugh, but if not, either I just shut up or let my sarcasm do the talking. My peers describe me as sedated, or numb, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, I may be numb to anger (I always do my best to walk the path of peace), but I am not numb to hilarity, or melancholy, or anything else in between. I seldom laugh at jokes because I know what is not funny. I can tell, because I too tell unfunny jokes.

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