Stand Up for Stand Up Comedy

I love comedy. It’s one of the hardest things to do. It’s easier to make a person cry than to make a person laugh.
Now, something bothers me about the stand up comedy scene in the Philippines. When in other countries, what you’d expect in a comedy bar with stand up is someone on stage telling a funny story (some use impressions, others just plain narrative, etc). Here in the Philippines, the common sight is this: it’s usually a gay guy (sometimes a crossdresser), doing some impressions of celebrities, OR, someone making fun of an audience member, with the act usually incorporating a musical number.
Now, what I’ve described is usually funny and entertaining, but seeing the same old thing again and again can be rather boring, if not, annoying (think: Pork Chop Duo). I mean, it’s almost always the same people. Even their acts seem to be imitations of the old school vaudeville back in World War Two (crossdressers, musical numbers, and celebrity impersonation). Let’s leave that style of comedy to Dolphy.
What I’m saying is, I want some variety in my comedy. Straight male stand up comedians are a rare sight, why can’t we have more of that? (I personally want to try stand up, but my material needs polishing). Maybe it’s the way the culture works, where men are supposed to be respected and not laughed at (how chuvanist), women are supposed to stay at home (sexist), and gays are the source of ridicule (homophobic). I want to watch a comedian who does highbrow comedy. I want to laugh, but later on, think why I am laughing. I don’t want to laugh because the person doing the comedy looks ridiculous (imagine: a bald, muscular man, wearing make up, earrings, and a dress, OR, the way they treat the likes of Bentong and Diego), but I want to laugh because that person is actually funny.

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