Little Red Riding Hood

My favourite version of Little Red Riding (one of the earlier versions):
Once upon a time, there was a girl with with a red hood, who was to bring bread and milk to her grandmother, who lived across the woods.
On her way, she was met by a wolf.
“Where are you going, all alone, little girl?”
“To my grandmother’s, to bring bread and milk”
And the wolf bid his farewells, and took a shortcut towards the grandmother’s cabin. He killed her, sliced her flesh and served it on a platter, and drained her blood into a wine bottle. He then wore her night gown and waited on her bed.
The girl knocked at the door.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me, grandmother. I’ve bought you bread and milk.”
“Come in! I also have something for you. On the table is a platter of meat and a bottle of wine. It is for you my dear.”
She went in, and ate and drank what was served. A cat passed by and screeched “YOU SLUT. How dare you devour the flesh and blood of your kin?!”
The wolf then told the girl “Take off your petticoat and throw it into the fire”
“For you shall not need it anymore”
And for every article of her clothing, the wolf said this, and the girl asked the same, and the wolf’s reply stayed constant.
When she was fully nude, the wolf told her to lay in bed with him, and she did.
“My grandma, what big claws you have.”
“The better to scratch myself, dear”
“My grandma, what big eyes you have.”
“The better to see you with, my dear.”
“My grandma, what big teeth you have”
“The better to eat you with, my dear.”
And he devoured her, and she was no more.

The End.


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