Stand Up for Stand Up Comedy

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I love comedy. It’s one of the hardest things to do. It’s easier to make a person cry than to make a person laugh.
Now, something bothers me about the stand up comedy scene in the Philippines. When in other countries, what you’d expect in a comedy bar with stand up is someone on stage telling a funny story (some use impressions, others just plain narrative, etc). Here in the Philippines, the common sight is this: it’s usually a gay guy (sometimes a crossdresser), doing some impressions of celebrities, OR, someone making fun of an audience member, with the act usually incorporating a musical number.
Now, what I’ve described is usually funny and entertaining, but seeing the same old thing again and again can be rather boring, if not, annoying (think: Pork Chop Duo). I mean, it’s almost always the same people. Even their acts seem to be imitations of the old school vaudeville back in World War Two (crossdressers, musical numbers, and celebrity impersonation). Let’s leave that style of comedy to Dolphy.
What I’m saying is, I want some variety in my comedy. Straight male stand up comedians are a rare sight, why can’t we have more of that? (I personally want to try stand up, but my material needs polishing). Maybe it’s the way the culture works, where men are supposed to be respected and not laughed at (how chuvanist), women are supposed to stay at home (sexist), and gays are the source of ridicule (homophobic). I want to watch a comedian who does highbrow comedy. I want to laugh, but later on, think why I am laughing. I don’t want to laugh because the person doing the comedy looks ridiculous (imagine: a bald, muscular man, wearing make up, earrings, and a dress, OR, the way they treat the likes of Bentong and Diego), but I want to laugh because that person is actually funny.


Reflection Paper for Philosophy Class

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This has been a rather interesting Summer for me.
All my subjects seem to jive together, ringing to the same rhythm, accenting every harmony and making wonderful music. First period, Campus Journalism. Second period, Editing and Translating. Final period, Philosophy of Man.
Let me elaborate. In Campus Journalism, the main goal of the subject is to make socially aware teachers-to-be out of us (preparing us to be advisers for high school papers is another one). We’ll be teachers in the future (hopefully), and we need to have our eyes and ears open, with our noses sniffing out the news. This is a vital skill that needs to be passed on to our students, seeing as they’ll be contributing members of society. In Editing and Translating, we are taught to choose our words carefully, how to right errors and mistakes, and how to make things easier to understand. Again, another vital skill in teaching, as well as in living (also, this subject supplements our Journalism class).
Then comes Philosophy. One of my favourite classes so far (the others were Logic and Literature, but that’s not the point). I’ve already been aware of some of the notions of Philosophy, especially from most of my Education classes (Values Education, Social Dimensions, Principles of Teaching, et cetera), and this class nourished it with the specifics. In a way, it helped me broaden my island of knowledge. In effect, it also widened my shoreline of wonder. All I need to do now is learn how to swim (or build a boat).
To be continued

Black and Blue

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This is another attempt at Magic: the Gathering deck building. Focused on Black hand control and Blue spell control.

Tidehollow Strix x2
Gravedigger x2
Gempalm Polluter x2
Thornwind Faeries x2
Rootwater Hunter x3

Dark Ritual x4
Memory Lapse x2
Mana Leak x1
Power Sink x2
Faerie Trickery x4
Boomerang x2
Remove Soul x2
Dark Banishing x2

Befoul x1
Ashen Powder x1
Walking Nightmare x1
Voices from the Void x1
Coercion x3
Memory Sluice x1
Ghastly Discovery x1

Binding Grasp x1

Swamps x10
Islands x10

Early game, I keep on countering as much as possible with Instants. Then, I mess with any hand cards with Sorceries. The rest are creature control. Planning on adding Lobotomy, but don’t know what to take out. Comments?

Some news

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COTABATO CITY, Philippines, May 1 –
Citizens of Cotabato City joyously celebrated two holidays: Labor Day and The Feast of Saint Isidore.

Saint Isidore is considered by Catholic Christians as the patron of laborers, and his feast day is on the first Sunday of May. This year, his feast day falls on the same date as Labor Day. Many households celebrated with roasted pig, litson, thin noodles, pancit, and alcoholic drinks.

Notre Dame Village and Poblacion 2 are the two known areas in the city that celebrate his feast.

Notre Dame University students enrolled for Summer are to have their midterm exam this coming May 7, 2011.

The scheduled to be followed will be the same as their corresponding class schedules, unlike the scheduling during regular semesters. There is no first trinal exam due to the shorter period of time used for Summer classes.

Students who take up Summer classes either have to take them due to curriculum requirements, failures during the regular semesters, or for extra credits.

Last Day

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Had no money today. Had to borrow.
Went to airport. Ate last lunch together.
Said goodbye.

Mail and Other Things

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Note: This is for students of NDU. If you’re not one, close your eyes while reading.

I want to recieve physical mail once in a while. I miss the good old days when letters were actually made with pen and paper. No one does that anymore, for good reason (e-mail is to blame. Ha). For one, it’s environmentally friendly. No paper is used e-mail, and less energy is required to send it. Another is it’s convenient and fast. No need to wait days, weeks, or months just for a reply. No need to bother with handwriting too (though font choices can make or break an e-mail. Here’s looking at you, Comic Sans). So far, only official documents and packages are sent via snail mail these days, which brings me to my next point.

Examine your assessment form. Look for “REGISTRAR MAILING FEE”. Found it? Good. Do you know what it’s for? It’s for sending your gradeslip home. It’s there so that your parents/guardian can be in the know on how you perform academically. Nice, ain’t it? Here’s the strange part: not once have my parents ever recieved my gradeslip through the mail. My other classmates say they’ve recieved theirs, but only once or twice. I’m not necessarily complaining (you know what I mean), but I think it’s a waste of good money. PhP 12.88? That’s good enough for a 12oz bottle of Coke (or Pepsi, if you prefer). I can go from College to ND Village back and forth if I used that money for jeep fare. If I count every semester that I’ve been here (3 years, that means 6 semesters and 2 summers, which brings up a total of 8), I’d have PhP103.04. What I’m saying is, please, give me what my money’s worth. Send my gradeslips home. If not, take that fee off my bill. I want a refund. I could’ve spent that money someplace else. Maybe a secondhand book. Or some comic books. Maybe.

My first ever Magic the Gathering deck: Red and Blue

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I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, and a friend of mine introduced me to Magic: the Gathering. I’m quite aware of the game, but this is the first time I’ve played it in real life (I’ve played the video games before). This friend of mine helped me construct my first deck from some of his spares, and it’s focused on Red and Blue. I’ve tested it on some of his other decks (Multi-coloured base green, Red Blue, and Green White), and it fared fairly well. Won a few games, and lost a few as I’m still trying to catch up with the rules.

I’m posting the deck list here for you wonderful folks to criticize. Tell me what you think, but be constructive.

Mountains x8
Islands x12

Dancing Scimitar x1
Telim’Tor’s Darts x1

Thornwind Faeries x2
Air Elemental x2
Rootwater Hunter x3
Prodigal Sorcerer x2
Suq’Ata Firewalker x1
Breezekeeper x2

Treasure Trove x1
Enchant Creature
Binding Grasp x1

Sift Through Sands x1
Remove Soul x2

Power Sink x2
Mana Leak x1
Memory Lapse x2

Battle-Mad Ronin x1
Frostwielder x1
Fireslinger x3
Orcish Artillery x1
Anaba Shaman x2
Wall of Fire x1
Wall of Stone x1

Enchant Creatures
Fire Whip x3

Sonic Burst x1
Crushing Pain x1

Blaze x1

TOTAL: 60 cards