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Review: Bucklay by Washburn BE15

Posted in electric guitar, Goth, reviews with tags , , , , , on January 7, 2012 by The Ghostwriter

Note: There are almost no reviews for this guitar model. This hopefully would be the first one.
Finally went electric a few weeks ago.
Bought a beginner’s pack, for convenience and price. Was worth PhP7,500.00 (roughly US$178.25), which is a pretty fair price.
*Bucklay BE15 electric guitar (colour: black)
*10 watt amplifier (Global GA10)
*Padded gig bag
*Guitar cable
*3 picks
*Electric tuner (Cherubim ST-711 Skull Tuner)
*Nylon strap
*2 allen rings
Not bad. Not bad.

*Made sometime between 2010-2011 somewhere in Asia (most probably China)
*Wood: absolutely no idea, especially the body and fretboard. I doubt it’s rosewood on the fretboard. Maybe maple or something similar. Post on the comments if you know.
*22 frets
*Fixed bridge (strings go through the body)
*Solid body
*Bolt-on neck
*2 humbucker pick ups
*Volume and Tone knobs for each pick up
*3 way pick up selector (bridge, both, and neck)
*Medium frets
*3+3 headstock, bent at a 14 degree angle (like most Washburn guitars)
The body is shaped like a cross between a Telecaster and Les Paul (more Tele actually, with shorter horns).
Now, I am quite curious if this guitar has a truss rod. It came with a couple of allen keys, a small one for the bridge, and a larger one that is usually used for truss rods. Do bolt-on necks even have truss rods? Again, post on the comments.

Now, this guitar actually sounds pretty good for its price. It’s not exactly the best electric guitar, but it’s good enough for people just beginning to go electric (like me).
When played dry, it sounds crisp and clear. When played with the overdrive on, it sounds fantastic.
I play blues (electric, hard, and punk variants), garage rock, and rockabilly, and the guitar fits these styles nicely.
I will get myself a better amplifier whenever possible.

So far, nothing’s broken. Everything still works. The shiny finish seems to last. The strings might need to be replaced, and that’s pretty much it.

Played live once using this guitar. It has not failed me. Will update if it does.

A pretty decent guitar for a low price. Recommended for beginners.
3 and a half out of 5